2018 Election Candidates

This year members of Magnet Schools of America (MSA) will elect a President-Elect and three Specialized Directors to serve on the board for the next two year.
In an effort to help you make an informed decision, please familiarize yourself with the candidates below.


Missed the President-Elect Candidate Webinar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Click here to view the recorded webinar.

Kim Morrison, Ph.D.

50-word statement

I have worked with magnet schools over the last 13 years implementing MSAP grants and theme-based programs. I have served on the MSA Board as the chair of the awards process and been involved with the NIMSL certification team. My experience is why I am a strong candidate for President-elect.

Robert Strickland, Ed.D.

50-word statement

It would be an honor to continue working with Magnet Schools of America (MSA) to support and expand high-quality, innovative programs that promote choice, equity, diversity, and academic excellence for all students. I humbly ask for your vote as President Elect.


Missed the Specialized Director Webinar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Click here to view the recorded webinar.

Enid Rey

50-word statement

Committed to increasing access and opportunity for all youth to achieve in a global economy. Personally dedicated to ensuring that communities are informed and that families & students are engaged in understanding educational options and opportunities.  At the forefront of promoting school choice, integration and greater access to quality for disenfranchised communities.  I strongly believe that Magnet Schools are foundational cornerstone of the successful continuum of choice that provide proven results and serve as a key strategy to close the achievement gap by offering quality opportunities for children that promote racial and socio-economic integration.

Janet Farquhar

50-word statement

I bring expertise, knowledge, and teaching experience in STEM Integration. Have experience as a teacher and an administrator in a nationally recognized Magnet School of Excellence. I am an organized, hard-worker and see this as an opportunity to grow professionally.

Jeff Peterson

50-word statement

I am an asset as an “in-the-trenches” principal of a magnet school that is experiencing success in improving diversity, achievement, engagement and innovation. My arts theme knowledge is being sought after from districts seeking to grow their theme. I led a team that achieved the first ever national certification.

Jia Wang, Ph.D.

50-word statement

Dr. Jia Wang is a Senior Research Scientist at UCLA. With advanced methodological skills and extensive experience evaluating MSAP grants, she is one of the leading researchers investigating magnet school impact. Her many publications and reports help practitioners, policymakers, and other researchers better understand magnet schools and their effectiveness.

Lucilla Davila

50-word statement

As Associate Superintendent of Magnet Schools, I bring twenty years’ experience and passion with a vision for innovative program design within diverse frameworks (Open, Montessori, Immersion, Arts, STEAM, IB). I provide guidance and leadership for magnet school principals to increase program fidelity while also increasing integration and discretionary funding.

Martin Reid

50-word statement

I believe Magnet Schools are the catalyst for societal transformation and Magnet Schools of America as an organization can have the greatest impact on society as a whole. As a board member, I believe I have acquired the knowledge and skills to support and guide this organization.

Michelle Frazier, Ed.D.

50-word statement

Magnet schools reflect our best selves.  Today, more than ever, we need the lessons that magnet schools teach: understanding and respect for our fellow man.  We must remain vigilant about the expansion of magnet schools and ensure children across this country learn at an early age that other perspectives matter.

Naisha Baidy

50-word statement

A Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Yonkers, a public school teacher, Project Director and Magnet Coordinator within the New York City Department of Education for the school she was instrumental in revitalizing through capital improvements. She leads the team for the Magnet school for Multimedia, Technology, and Urban Planning.


Prentiss Whitley Jr., MHR

50-word statement

It is not hyperbole to state that quality education is vital to prosperous individuals as well as societies. An increasingly complicated and connected world requires its citizens to be informed as well as inquisitive. As a board member, I would be able to advocate for equitable education for all students.

Robert Cox

50-word statement

I have worked with students, educators, and elected officials in developing magnet programs, establishing magnet policy, and strengthening magnet education throughout my district.  I have worked on all levels of magnet education and believe my experience and skillset as a communicator and a leader can further our magnet education message.

Thomas Sims

50-word statement

My fulfilling educational experiences have fostered a desire to be elected to the MSA Board of Directors which will provide the opportunity to continue my work in the promotion of academically rigorous programs that enhance and engage both urban and suburban students experiences through innovation, school choice and diversity.

Vivian Gonzalez

50-word statement

My magnet and leadership experience make me uniquely qualified to be a Specialized Director.  I have had leadership positions on several local, state, and national boards. I have also been a magnet student and teacher; giving me a unique perspective from which to advocate for magnet programs across the nation.

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